Your personal multicurrency crypto wallet!

Advantages of the InternetCashBanx

InternetCashBanx is a new generation crypto wallet, a secure, functional and convenient tool for investing and storing digital assets, buying and selling crypto currency and exchanging it for fiat money.


Each user can use this multicurrency wallet as a financial instrument for operations with different crypto currencies.


The functionality of the wallet is so simple that it can easily be used by customers who do not have special knowledge and skills. The wallet can give you detailed and transparent information on all transactions, statistics and reports, as well as an easy and friendly entrance to BLOCKCHAIN-based fittings.


InternetCashBanx is a convenient financial instrument that allows you to transfer funds to another wallet, buy crypto currency, trade on the stock exchange or exchange it for fiat money 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Scheme of financial transactions, mutual settlement and exchange of crypto currency






It is a company that provides customers with virtual wallet services to pay for services, invest and store digital assets, buy/sell cryptocurrencies and exchange them for fiat money.

Yes, you can pay for services such as mobile communications, utility bills, top up your gaming account etc.

The following payment directions are open in our system: - payment with Visa and Mastercard; - SEPA; - SWIFT; - UnionPay; - American Express; - and so on; - payment via mobile operators; - payment using cryptocurrencies.

You can register online at To become an identified InternetCashBanx user, you must have the following documents to prove your identity: passport (national or international) or other identification document.

To improve the quality of our services and in case of any questions, we are ready to help you immediately. Please contact us at:

Default: - EUR - GBP - USD - AED - TRL - СRC - BGN- USDT - ETKT - BTC - LTC - TRX - Ethereum and many others. For more information on this, please contact your account manager or our support team.

Currently, financiers and lawyers distinguish a number of characteristic differences between electronic money: It is information stored on special devices that can be transferred to other devices through communication. They are not a universal means of payment as they are only accepted by certain systems. They cannot be transferred from one payment system to another unchanged. They are settled at the time of redemption by the issuer in traditional or book-entry money. Such money shall be issued on a prepayment basis. Transfers in virtual money bypass the banking system, from the payer directly to the payee. Until the status of digital currency is settled, there are a number of concepts according to which electronic money is: A form of cashless money. Monetary obligations of a bank. Securities.

To check your payment, complete and submit the special form on the website and if there is a payment in the system, you will see all the information about it.